Mark DelMedico is a solo acoustic musician.Mark plays classic/folk/rock ,Playing both original and cover songs.
Mark started playing guitar in 1975,by 1978 he was writing  his own songs as well as playing many covers in bars and coffee houses in central NY.In 1980 Mark formed an acoustic duo with Jim Prichard,they were called Dark Horse ,they performed together until 1982 when Jim left to form a band.Mark was asked to join the band but declined,so he could keep playing as an acoustic act.Mark gave up live performing from 1985 until around  2003 when he started performing here and there.Now he is getting back into it as a full time thing.
       The original music Mark writes,has been described as a mixture of  folk/rock/country music not too country (think Neil Young,Tom Petty) I have heard people say his music reminds them of a mix of Beatles/Dylan/Lou Reed/Tom Petty and Neil Young  which isn`t too far off the Mark.

Life Ain`t Easy

May 20th, 2011 + 5:05 AM  ·  mark47

I wrote this after going to visit my daughter in Daytona Beach.I had never seen a homeless person until then,it made me think how anyone could end up in that situation

Waste Of Time

March 31st, 2011 + 2:03 AM  ·  mark47

I wrote this one for a song circle,it was written in open D tuning,it was the first song I wrote in other than standard tuning


March 31st, 2011 + 2:03 AM  ·  mark47

Song I wrote about Autumn,has a progressive rock feel to it

I Love You,But I`m Not In

March 31st, 2011 + 2:03 AM  ·  mark47

My wife said I love you but I`m not in love with you,right before I left her.I was mad ,but at the same time couldn`t believe she said something that dumb,and to her it made perfect sense
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